Built-in Dumpers

1.  What Are Dumpers?
2.  How Do I Use Dumpers?
3.  AntDumper
4.  DocumentationDumper
5.  ExportedProjectDefinitionDumper

1. What Are Dumpers?

Dumpers are the means by which Invicta creates the output files according to the information gathered from the Project Definition Files.  Each Dumper has a name that needs to be used when setting properties that will affect it. 

The main Dumper is AntDumper that creates an ANT build.xml file for a project.  Other Dumpers allow creating project documentation, or a project export file; other Dumpers will be added.  In addition, a general extendable mechanism for creating customized output files is available.

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2. How Do I Use Dumpers? 

Only enabled Dumpers are being executed to create output files.  However, all Dumpers are disabled by default, so naturally to use a Dumper you must set its enabled property to true first.

The property's full name is invicta.dumpers.<dumper_name>.enabled.


This will tell the AntDumper to run the next time Invicta is activated.

This will disable the ExportProjectDefinitionDumper.

See Invicta Usage for more details on setting properties.

In much the same way, additional Dumper-specific properties are passed:


Most Dumpers require receiving the output file (.file) property:


For example:



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3. AntDumper


Generates an ANT build script (build.xml) for the components defined in the definition files of the project.


file - output file to which the ANT build script will be written.

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4. DocumentationDumper


Generates HTML pages with a project's documentation (components, dependencies, products, properties, etc.).


file - output directory to which the HTML files will be written.

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5. ExportedProjectDefinitionDumper


Generates an Invicta project definition file for the distribution of a project, i.e. so that it can be used inside another Invicta project. The file contains a single component with multiple products, which are the products of the project's components. Refer to Inter-project relations for more details.


file - output file to which the export file will be written.

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