1.  Introduction
2.  Component Types
3.  Template Handlers
4.  Dumpers

1. Introduction

Invicta can be used as a framework for developing a build environment by which Invicta's built-in capabilities are extended.  This way, advanced users, administrators or build managers may supply all developers with a stronger, custom-made build environment.  Invicta contains a built-in implementation of Component Types and Dumpers, which the framework enables to customize and extend.

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2. Component Types

To create more Component Types, simple XML files with Type definition are used.   These types can either be totally new, or extend an existing Type, and they are mainly an ANT build script template.

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3. Template Handlers

Template Handlers are simple Java classes that extend a basic class, enable accessing project information and returning a string that is to be placed as part of the created build script code, according to the Type's templates.

You can read about Invicta's build-in Template Handlers, or you can learn how to create new ones yourself.

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4. Dumpers

Like the Template Handlers, Dumpers are simple Java classes that extend a basic class, and enable accessing the project's information in order to create various output files (build scripts, documentation, etc.), according to the Dumper's implementation.  By creating custom Dumpers, you adjust Invicta to produce new type of files, according to your build project's needs.

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